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Hi. I’m Nicole. I am your transformation obsessive. I believe that our best self is discovered when we extend our hook and explore the unknown, allowing ourselves to learn and grasp those concepts that create a fulfilling, wholesome, and beautiful life.

I invite you along for the ride as I share my personal journey in achieving complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Through this platform, you may expect to uncover invaluable resources that support a healthy living lifestyle, and inspiration to reach your greatest potential.  


Balance is Essential provides resources, products and services to maximize your health. When we nourish our primary sources of energy -- career, relationships, physical activity and spirituality -- our secondary source of energy, food, is balanced as well. 


As a holistic health advocate and coach I help my clients determine what balance looks and feels like and how to implement lifestyle choices to move towards it.  I help my clients discover where they may be out of balance in a certain area of their life and how to make small changes over time to increase or decrease where needed in order to move towards their definition of a life of balance. Removing negative or toxic “ingredients” in your life by replacing them with positive, life-giving ones is very powerful and results in more energy, peace and happiness and ability to make positive self-care choices. Some of the tools I use when working with my clients are health coaching, massage/energy healing, BEMER vascular therapy, and essential oils.


Contact me to learn more about how I can help you!


Empowerment! Wellness, a wellness gym for those that are living with Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis, is a place to become more confident and stronger while achieving overall health. Classes are designed specifically to target the symptoms that are associated with the disease to include stretching, cardiovascular and resistance training, functional training and flexibility exercises. Classes will help increase stamina, strength, energy, movement and overall quality of life!

Come try a class for a week!

**Medical clearance from MD will be needed prior to starting class**

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Provide Hampton Roads wellness seekers with more knowledge on your valuable products & services to support their empowerment, education and evolution.

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